Project Freematics was founded by Stanley Huang and Kevin Huang in 2013. Freematics stands for Free Telematics. The goal of Freematics is to bring freedom into vehicle telematics. Freematics makes it easier than ever to utilize open-source hardware (basically Arduino) in vehicle telematics projects which normally involve OBD-II, high-resolution GPS, motion sensor (accelerometer & gyroscope) and various wireless communication technologies (cellular, WIFI, BLE, xBee etc).

To archieve our goal, we have designed and manufactured a series of products which are mostly based on Arduino. In the past years, we have shipped our products to our customers all over the world.

We are committed to open-source and this makes us different from all other OBD-II device vendors. Actually we started from maker circle and DIY market. Our OBD-II Adapter for Arduino, which was our very first product, has been very popular among makers who want to DIY in-vehicle gadgets like tachometer, HUD, or even a performance box. That's why we have much presence in Maker Faire around the world.

As our products evolve, they became practically useful for commercial applications like vehicle position tracking, vehicle usage tracking, driver behavior monitoring and vehicle performance logging & analysis. Some App developers have chosen our products as hardware platform which they build their car-connected Apps on.

Our prospective is to further improve our products and make them more adaptable and cost-effective for all kinds of telematics applications. Head for our online store to have a look at we've got for you!